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storing your dome

storing your dome
Your dome can be disassembled in minutes, and wrapped up into a compact package for easy storage and transport. Make sure your dome is completely dry and brush off as much dirt as you can. If you have taken down your dome when wet, plan to hang dry it from the top-most clip until completely dry before packing.
Remove all stakes, vent tubes, and poles. If you are using a liner in your dome, it can remain attached. We recommend you package the dome covering and floor together as one bundle, and the poles as another bundle. We’ve found the following technique for folding easiest and yields the most compact package.
1. Lay the dome covering on it’s own floor to keep it clean
2. Put the a stake in the ground to use as an anchor during folding
3. Hook the cord from the top-most clip on the stake
4. Pull all the dome’s edges so that it fans out and lies flat, one half on top of the other half
5. Pleat-fold it so that the canopy forms a narrow triangle 4′ wide at the base. Try to get each fold as flat as possible.
6. Slip the tip of the triangle (top-most clip) off the stake now and begin rolling it tightly down toward the wide end until you’ve got a nice bundle
7. Clean and dry both sides of the floor, then fold it into a 4′ wide strip
8. Lay the tent roll and other small parts at one end and roll the whole thing up tightly
9. Wrap your dome in the material that it was shipped in, and use cord to hold the roll tight
10. Now tie the poles into a bundle. To get it nice and tight, wrap string twice around the bundle of poles and use a packer’s knot (a kind of slip-knot that holds tight – illustrated below). If you don’t know how to make a packer’s knot, you can use other types of knots or bungee cords. vacuum packing dome

In order to make an even more compact package, you can use a regular house vacuum to compress your packed dome. This will reduce your bundle to about 1/2 its volume. Roll and pack up your dome as above, seal the long seam and any holes of the wrapper with tape, twist one end tight and then fold and tape the twisted end to the package (this is to make an airtight bundle). Insert your vacuum hose in the other end, twist and tape it tight. Turn on your vacuum and push down on your bundle and it will compress. With the vacuum still on wrap package tight with a generous amount of tape to hold it in its compressed form. Now remove your vacuum hose.


Bob Gillis