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Hello – I hope this message finds you well. I am the lead of a burning man camp, Pedal Pies, that makes bicycle powered wood fired pizza in unexpected places. We are long term afficionados of your domes. And I am looking to see if you can help us out.

We’ve had an 18′ PVC dome for several years and it has made a couple of trips to burning man as well as more local east coast camping events, and we’ve been very satisfied. And then the bad news – last year we put it in storage in Gerlach, NV, thinking to use it the next year on the playa, but when we went to collect it the dome portion had disappeared. No idea what happened to it but it is definitely missing. So I am left with the PVC poles for an 18′ dome setup, but am lacking the tarp/dome with attached connectors. And I would really like to set up the dome for an event on Oct 7th.

Is there any chance that you would have a used (or new) 18′ dome that we could purchase from you at not too steep a price? Just the tarp/connector portion, no need for the PVC pipes, since we have those My back up plan is to purchase PVC connectors and attempt to construct the dome without the tarp portion, then cover it with fabric. But I’m not sure if the tension will work out correctly? I’d love to ask your advice.

Thanks very much,