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set this thing up

On May 13, 2008

Hi Bob,
I’m trying to set this thing up. Only had it up once before and had plenty of help at a festival. Now it’s just me and my brother. Am I going to be disappointed with the end result if I shorten some of these poles by a few inches?
Thanks and peace to you,

On May 15, 2008

At most shorten all the poles by only 1/4″ each with a hack saw; put it up and see what you think. If it is still tight you could take off another 1/4″ off each poles. Shortening all the poles a little is better than shorteing a few a lot. Shortening poles too much will remove tension but could make you covering shaggy.

Sincerely, Bob Gillis

Thanks Bob,
I wasn’t brave enough to do any chopping until i heard fro you and so we kept fooling around with it and discovered some techniques that worked well. The uprights go in much easier if you start at the bottom. The tent is now up and doing its job. Thanks.
Peace brother,