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Would you say it’s possible to live comfortably in one of your portable domes for up to three to five years or longer?

On Jul 19, 2009


I’m definitely interested in a dome. If you were in your late 50’s and
early-retired due to a disability, had a meager income (Social
Security), and got the wild idea to live in a tent indefinitely to
enjoy nature and to make your income stretch, which model of your
products would you use? We are a family of two (my wife and myself
plus a dog). We’re in NE Alabama, which has a fair amount of rain and
wind — we get moderately cold winters. I have never been camping but
my wife has, so I’m operating on her assumption that this idea is
possible. We are thinking about purchasing a small piece of property
(one or two acres) in a rural area for this, but we’d like any
information referrals you can provide so we cover all our bases (we
don’t want to run into zoning or other problems). Are the set-up
instructions easy to understand? Can two people with arthritis-type
problems set up a dome easily? Would you say it’s possible to live
comfortably in one of your portable domes for up to three to five
years or longer? 
(I understand that a new dome would eventually need
to be purchased to replace a worn dome.) Anything you can tell me that
would help us prepare for the “worst case scenario” will be


Subject: Re: Question about shelter systems

Hi Al

It sounds possible to me. I know of many who do. I have lived over 25 years and raised a family in these domes. One 20′ dome in part shade lasted over 9 years and was then sold as a used dome. I do not know the laws in your area but if you can make friends with your neighbors then it could work out even if the laws are against you. Often it is OK to put up a tent but some areas frown on living in them. I would recommend a 20′ since it has a lot space for the cost. Sounds like wind and snow are not a problem for you. You may want a friend to help you put it up the first time but one person can for sure do it. See: I also suggest reading the Q & A sections: as there is a lot of practical info there. If you do not have shade then get a sunshade with your dome: Also look at:

If you do end up living in one of our domes keep us informed how it works for you and send photos.


Bob Gillis