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playa dome advice

On Aug 17, 2007,

hey bob,

playa dome advice

i live in san francisco, and just bought a 14′ Playa Dome from someone on
craigslist. i will of course be taking it to Burning Man. im hoping you can
help me with the care and feeding of this dome!

…..Try to put up your dome at home before going to the playa.

basically i have the 14′ dome with no sunShade or ground tarp or net doors,
and am looking to be as comfortable as possible in an incredibly hot, dusty
and windy environment. if i will be significatly more comfortable by adding
a few bells and whistles with minimum extra expense, please give me a quick
game plan.

some specific questions:

1) is there a manual specific to this dome


or do i just go by the online
general purpose manual?


2) can you send me a packing list for the 14′ playa dome so i can confirm i
have all the parts? how many long tubes and how many short tubes should
there be?

40 long 12 short

3) your site suggests that the black sunshade is more effective than the
silver. how can this be, when the black is absorbing all that heat and must
be radiating much of it back into the dome?

The shade is porous and the heat is carried away and up. Be sure to get and use a sunshade. The Black is 80% shade and the silver is only 70%

4) the dome apparently has no ground cover. without a ground cover, will
playa dust enter from underneath?

Most customers use a tarp and an old rug.

5) i assume cheapest ground cover option is a blue tarp and ill need a 16′ x
16′ one? will this prevent the dust from entering from underneath or do i
need velcro?

You can use duct tape or put your tarp floor on top of your domes skirt and weigh it down with your stuff

thanks in advance for your time. you seem to have a cool product and im
really amped about using it at my first burning man…


On Aug 18, 2007

thanks for the great help, bob.

so i dont need to buy extra glip clips from you? even if i want to hang a
few things inside the dome?

40 long 12 short; Dome, manual, spare parts, 16 stakes

it looks like i only have 38 long and 6 short. guess it’s off to dome depot
for me. is there anything i need to know about cutting replacement tubes?

also are there supposed to be extra grip clips among the spare parts? what
about vent tubes?


If you work with tarps (even your tarp floor 12 GP GC are handy to tie in your floor) you will love the GCs.

You can hang from the existing clips on the inside of your dome but if you want to hang sheets get some LF GC or traps GP GC.

As to the poles, try to get class 200 or 125 from an irrigation supply store such as Ewing Irrigation. Bring a hack saw to cut it to length there so you can fit them in your car.

There are “binder clips (smallest)” to help hold your doors tight in mild wind. The Vent Tubes are 6″ sections of 2″ PVC.

Sticky back velcro is useful for your doors. Clean with rubbing alcohol first.


Bob Gillis