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Alternative Poles??

On Aug 16, 2007

Alternative Poles??

Hello Bob,

I recently read on your Q&A page that alternative poles can be used instead of the pvc poles.  I have been checking into aluminum poles and was wondering if they are appropriate for the yurt/dome cover?  If so, which length and size should be purchased.   If not,  what alternative poles would you recommend, please include the length and size.

My dilema is I will be traveling to the East coast for six months a year (Nov. thru April) and returning to the South for the months of May thru October.  In the East the winters tend to be a bit more chilly then the South, so I have been thinking on using more stable poles for the winter there because the pvc poles may break due to the colder temps and changing back to the pvc poles when I return to the South.
I would really appreciate your expertise in this matter.  Any information you give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I would just go with PVC. Get some extra poles if you are worried about breakage. Use the sleeping bag method of pole warming:

Note when putting up your dome in the cold: The poles of the dome are made of PVC, a thermo plastic, which gets stiffer with the cold. In putting up the dome the poles are bent and inserted into connectors. It is preferable that the domes be set up during the day when the air temperature is warmer. Poles may be kept warm by wrapping them in a blanket with several large bottles of boiling hot water. Once the poles are warm remove and insert them one at a time from the blanket. If the domes are set up in the extreme cold with out warming the poles some may break. This should not be a problem however since we include 4 extra poles with each dome.


Bob Gillis