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On Oct 9, 2011, at 11:32 AM, Sarah Vanagt wrote:

On Oct 9, 2011, at 11:32 AM, Sarah Vanagt wrote:

Dear Eleanor,

I am a documentary filmmaker and video artist based in Brussels, Belgium.
I am preparing a rather complicated video and photography project in Spain, dealing with the exhumation of a mass grave of Franco victims (9 people in the crater of a bomb who were dumped there in 1939).
The camera person and I will follow the process of the exhumation in great detail, by use of timelapse photography. The arhaeologists will leave the excavation site before we make each photo. At the end (after more or less 8 days) we will have a series of photos which, together, when played as a film, will make a short video of a grave opening and closing itself. I am not sure that this short explanation gives you an idea of what we want to do (?)

In any case I am looking for a good solution in case it rains (and/or in case of too much sun). The Large Diameter Yurts on your website look absolutely fantastic, and perfect for our project.
Unfortunately we already start filming on October 21st, and on top of that we don’t have the means to buy such a tent (we wouldn’t need it afterwards either).

Is there any chance we could hire this tent? Do you know of people/organisations/universities (preferably in Belgium or in Spain) who bought one of your large tents (30 or 31′) and who might be willing to rent it out to us for a short period?
IN case you do, I would appreciate your help in this.

Very best wishes from Brussels,