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From a recent order


I plan to use it as a greenhouse for my tropical plants to keep them from
freezing in the winter. I would like to tell you that this is my second
greenhouse from your company. The first was purchased approximately 25 years
ago. It would still be in use, but more than one tree limb fell on it and
broke several of the pvc pipes. I repaired it a few times but decided after
this many years it was time for a new one. It had been through hurricanes,
Ivan, Opal, Erin, to name a few. It did blow over once in a strange winter
storm. I was able to right it and continue to use it several years after
that. I was most pleased to see that you are still in business and am hoping
that my new greenhouse will be as sturdy as the last.
Thank you, thank you.

Sure. See attached, focus is always a problem in the low light conditions
but I think it still looks very cool. You made a custom white floor for
us way back when.

Yes, it is a good thing that the bear spared the covering and there was no bear/human altercation! ok thanks eleanor. friend is lucky bear did not tear up the dome itself. on the other hand, bear is lucky she was not there. she has been known to take an axe or whatever and chase after wayward bears!

From a recent online order, I thought me might want to put it on the site:

Please tell us how you are going to use the product(s):
during a rain storm, my friend attached a freezer bag to the edge of his tarp
with your clips and was easily able to collect fresh drinking water! genius!
glad i found your site!
Donna from PA

Definitely! I asked them for a testimonial via phone and email, but you are welcome to contact them as well. I thought it was a super cool order – although the lady ordering them didn’t actually know what they were going to use them for… You know, big companies don’t always tell the purchasing office staff why they are ordering things. Anyway, here’s the contact info if you want to connect with them.

Email: [email protected]

Nathalie Cabrol
The SETI Institute
189 N. Bernardo Avenue, Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone Number: 650-604-0317

rw say he filled an order of 4 20’ers for Seti
do you know what they are using them for
we should try to get a testimonial