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On Oct 28, 2009,

Hi Jeff

All that you suggest have been done. To grow vines it is best to attach strips of bird netting to the pole structure with zip ties. Vines cling better to the net than the slippery poles. Lighting is better on the outside of the poles. The idea of plastic is better accepted when you realize that most paints, rugs are plastic.


Bob Gillis

On Oct 28, 2009,

hi, I plan to make the 14 or 18 ft arch dome into a partially open-air bedroom. I’m not that keen to live in plastic. Have there been any creative sucessful ideas to beautiful the structure…such as growing vines on the outside tubes, or lightweight bamboo matting on the interior? How about led xmas lights running along the tubes inside adn out? Please let me know if you know…thanks. Fin Jeff Wayman