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Date: October 22, 2009 11:05:52 AM PDT

Date: October 22, 2009 11:05:52 AM PDT

Hi Holly

Thanks for your interest.

Our Yurt Domes can be made quite comfortable in hot and cold climates. To keep cool our domes have 4 doors and upper vent systems and can be out fitted with external sun shades that are space above the domes covering for a breezy shaded space. To keep warm we offer as an accessory a full liner that creates a dead air insolation space of 2 to 3 inches. Since our shelters are dome shape they are the ideal shape for holding in warmth. Most find it is easy to keep warm in our domes even with out the liner. You can install a vented heater or wood stove, see: Feel free to call if you want more details.


Bob Gillis

On Oct 23, 2009


I had some questions about your dome tents that I didn’t see answered on your site.

What’s the temp rating for these tents? I’m very interested in a yurt, too, specifically from Pacific Yurts and they are advertised as being warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I don’t see any real ventilation in your tents nor a way to heat it without gassing myself. I’m looking at the dome as a semi-permanent home in Southern California.

Holly M