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“Miscellaneous: Oval Intention”

Miscellaneous: Oval Intention”

I have the opportunity to purchase a 15-year-old Oval Intention made by North Face. If you have any comments re this tent, I would love to hear them. It appears from the picture that the tent may be difficult to erect. Do you know what North Face’s warranty policy is re this tent?

This is a beautiful, strong tent. Bob Gillis of Shelter Systems designed this tent in 1976 and subsequently licensed The North Face to produce it. Like all of Shelter Systems’ designs, for the weight of the materials used, this tent approaches the maximum strength. This allows for a minimum amount of materials to be used: economical, weight-saving, minimal use of the world’s resources.

To put up poles, follow the seams.

Please direct your question to the NF in Berkeley, CA regarding their warranty policy.

Can you tell me the dimensions of the Oval Intention by The North Face? Height and floor dimensions?

I don’t know the exact dimensions, but the NF does.