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Greenhouses”: CrystalCave 11 vs. GroDome 14″

I am interested in buying one of two models of greenhouses you offer:
Crystal Cave 11′ $450 + $45 s&h
GroDome 14′ $520 + $30 s&h

Are the frames’ poles the same diameter?
The CC 11 uses 1″ and the GD 14 uses 3/4″. Both frames are constructed of strong, long lasting, resilient, UV-stabilized, Class 200 PVC tubing.

Is the covering the same material and thickness?

Yes. The strong, woven, laminated ripstop film used in all our structures has been treated with ultraviolet inhibitors to insure extra long life. The translucent covering used in this greenhouse transmits 90% of visible light. (Most plants require at least 65% for optimum growth). The sunlight is diffused so your plants will never get burned the way they can under glass or clear vinyl.

Which do you recommend as a better and sturdier greenhouse design?

The GD 14 is stronger; it sheds the wind better because the poles wrap in all directions. Personally, I like the dome’s shape better also.

“Greenhouses: GroDome 8 vs. GroDome 11”

I’m interested in a greenhouse. I like the GroDome 11 better than the GroDome 8, but I’m concerned it might not be high enough. I am confused by the measurements. I do not want anything too big but I want to be able to stand with enough head room.

We have a web page full of drawings which compare the different-sized domes. We think you’ll find it very helpful.

“Greenhouses: GroDomes”

I am considering purchasing one of your GroDomes. Could tell me the size of the one that appears in the photo on the GroDome information page on your website? It’s the photo with the woman standing in front of the dome wearing kneepads. This will help me determine what size I need. Thanks! 

That is our 20′ GroDome.

“Greenhouses: GroRows

I recently purchased a Gro-row 7. I am impressed with the quality and ease of assembly. I wish that there were flaps which could be used to close the openings.

Flaps do make it warmer inside but can cause overheating if not watched quite closely. The smaller the space, the closer and the quicker the heat accumulates next to the plants. It is safer to have the ends open then to cook your plants–which I have done.

“Greenhouses: winter use”

I am looking in the direction of a greenhouse of sorts for winter gardening in upstate New York–cold wind, sleet, snow, etc.

The most practical use of a greenhouse is to extend the growing seasons in the spring and fall. Although it is certainly possible to use a greenhouse in upstate New York, it would be expensive because you would have to heat and light it sufficiently to enable your plants to grow. (Installing a translucent liner in your greenhouse would reduce your fuel costs.) In addition, you must melt or sweep the snow off the greenhouse, because it’s a lightweight structure. Otherwise, the greenhouse could collapse. The domes will handle strong, but not extreme, winds.

An alternative to having a full-height greenhouse is to dig a hole or trench below the permafrost level and set a GroRow or a RoofShell on the perimeter of the hole. The hole or trench must be big enough to let sufficient light in. You could grow winter crops, such as cabbage, lettuce, greens, peas, in this way.

“Greenhouses: translucent greenhouse film”

Will your translucent film provide the same amount of light to plants in a greenhouse as clear poly film? 

Yes. Our light-diffusing (and therefore non-burning) translucent film lets 90% of the available light through, which is more than glass lets through.

Can I expect similar plant growth in my greenhouse using your film?

Yes. It is designed for greenhouse use.

“Greenhouses: Greenhouse frames”

Do you ever just sell the frames, for plants to grow on?

The frames as we make them for the domes will not stand without the covering. But we would be willing to make a special frame that would stand for you. Pricing would be 25% of the cost of the dome.

“Greenhouses: Help for a beginning gardener”

This is the first time I have ever tried to handle a garden and/or a greenhouse. I need help in starting seeds, how to organize a vegie garden and so forth. Can you please help me?

Check out our Greenhouse Gardening Manual.