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Hello- I’m looking for window awnings for my 100″ wide (south-facing, miserable) windows. Do you sell something that big? I couldn’t tell from your website. Thanks in advance. Linda Miller

We sell kits for smaller window shades and materials (a white and black (total sun block) shade woven film that is 6′ wide $10 per yard) and Grip Clips (set of 4 for $10) which allows you to attach poles to the cover and attach the cover to your house. You could then make your own shade.

Its called the greenhouse effect: the sun shins through the covering and heat up the ground and what ever else is inside it. Then at night the heat is slowly reradiated from the ground into the air of the greenhouse. This is what makes it work at night. You can increase the heat retention by adding jugs of water to your greenhouse.

hello i am wanting to have a greenhouse nothing too fancy but kinda like what
you have to offer….i have one question though…what keeps the plants warm
at night ? do you have to put a heater in there ? i understand during the
day the sun hits the plastic and generates heat then but what about night ??
it still gets down to 40 here in southern indiana where i live….i
appreciate your ideas.