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micro grip clip question

Subject: Re: micro grip clip question

On Jul 24, 2009

I’m getting married next weekend, and we’re going to put together a
wedding canopy (a chuppa, which is used in jewish weddings). We’ll be
using bamboo poles for the four corners, and the top will be a
patchwork of scarves and shawls that were my finance’s mom’s. She died
of cancer, and we are borrowing the scarves from her daughers and
sister, so it’s important that they don’t get punctured or hurt in the
process. I still haven’t seen most of them, but they will be a mix of
light fabrics, from silk to loosely woven wool.
I thought the smallest of your clips might be appropriate, and I was
wondering if you think they could be used to attach silk scarves
together without harming the fabric.

Luckily for me, I noticed you are based in menlo park. Our wedding is
going to be in palo alto, next weekend. We live in colorado, and
rather than order them very quickly online, is there anywhere you sell
them locally, or can we stop by to pick some up?

Lastly, I saw on your website that you only sell the smallest ones
with cords. Is it possible to buy them without cords if I got ~50?


Hi Helen and Luke

My guess is they would work but test them for your self to confirm that they work to your satisfaction before using them. If you find they slip because the scarfs are so shear then include a section of a balloon with the layers to provide additional friction.


Bob Gillis