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On May 27, 2004

On May 27, 2004


I’m preparing to purchase one of your 18′ yurts and I have a few questions:

1. Is the only difference between a regular and an “Extra Strong” yurt the window material?

They are the same except for the window material. The cost is the same.

2. I’m not clear exactly where the windows are. Are they low enough that someone could look in or are they higher such that one might see the stars through them?

They are the triangular shaped panels above the doors. They are at about head height when standing. So yes you could look in or out. However the Extra Strong dome has translucent windows that you can not see clearly through.

3. We will probably be camping in a fairly open field maybe with one side getting some shade from nearby forest. Would you recommend two 6×12′ sun shades, one 8×20, or something else for an 18′ yurt?

I would recommend two 6′ by 12′ Sun Shades.

4. When using velcro to attach the floor to the walls do you recommend a continuous strip all the way around or smaller strips spaced out? If the latter how much velcro would be necessary? How much would be necessary to attach four doors and one net door?

Generally it is not necessary to attach Velcro to the doors unless you have a lot of wind. And velcro is not necessary for your floor unless you are very worried about bugs. The truth is that bugs partially a few ants can always find a way in, even in a wooden house. I would start by using none and then add small bits, perhaps 4″ sections, here and there if you feel you need to. Velcro has its own problems: it takes effort to hook and unhook it; the hook part can get caught in long hair or sweaters; and it can peel off if it is the wrong kind or was attached to a damp or dirty covering or the adhesive was not allowed to “cure”. On the other hand it is quick to apply and does the trick of holding against wind and can be hooked and unhooked when desired.

5. Are four door poles provided?


6. When opening up the yurt to an Open Arched form is the arch centered around one of the doors or is it between two doors?

The Open Arch encompasses two doors. That is to say two adjacent doors become part of the arch.

If centered, would a net door impede the process in any way?

Net doors do not effect the Arch.

7. What would be the expected delivery time for an 18′ yurt?

We are quite busy at this time of year and are about two weeks to shipping.



Robert Gillis