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On May 25, 2004

On May 25, 2004

hi shelter folks:

these domes look really cool!

I’ve recently bought some land in rural vermont and I’m looking for a temporary structure so I can live on the land for a while before I begin to build on it. I’m writing to ask your advice about managing to put up one of your shelters on a very rocky uneven newly cleared area of the land. are bigger domes more difficult to deal with under these circumstances?

No, so long as you do not have trees inside where the dome is to be. You can set the dome on a slope and it is quite flexible as to fitting over rocks etc.

should I consider building a platform for the dome instead of trying to deal with the lumps and bumps and hills and dales?

I would try with out deck at least at first. You could even set up a small deck inside the dome to get around some rocks. Big decks can be a lot of work and expense.

I like the idea of being on the actual ground much better. one idea is to make a good thick layer of wood chips to even up a base for the dome. does that seem like a good idea to you?

Not sure about wood chips. Would not they rot?

the lower parts of the site are wet and boggy just now and will be every time it rains, so that’s not gonna work well, I’m sure.

the higher parts of the site seem to be actual rock (not just stony, I mean, but actual bedrock). given that, is there some way to secure the dome to the ground?

Sure, tie it to rocks and trees.

sorry for all these newbie questions, but I am new, so there it is!