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On May 16, 2005

Not sure what is the best distance for snow fencing. If you find out let me know so I can let others know. My guess would be 5′ high and 8′ away from the tent on the windward side with metal poles perhaps with guy-lines.

Some of us will be at BM.


Robert Gillis

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OK – looked over the site again and found the answers to the % coverage question.  Also looks like you recommend 2-3 sunshades for the 18 footer.  Thanks for having all that stuff posted.  Now the next issue I’m grappling with is wind protection.  I saw somewhere on the site that you recommended snow fencing as additional protection in high wind conditions.  I’m wondering if the 4ft high stuff is a good size?  Also, how far away from (or close to) the shelter should it be for best protection?  All the way around?  Staggered?  I’ll be using my car as a wind-break, as well.

On a side note – will you be at Burning Man 2005?

On May 16, 2005

Thanks Bob-

We got the 18′ foot dome in the mail the other day and love it.
Our field season doesn’t start until June 13, so I will send you a photo
of the tent after that. Nicole and I set up the tent in our backyard.
It took us about 30 minutes as advertised- a simple, elegant design.


Todd Surovell
Assistant Professor