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On Mar 22, 2004,

On Mar 22, 2004,

Dear Sir,

I’m thinking of using your 10′ bubble dome to house a telescope.

I have a 3m (9’10”) circular concrete base.  Either the dome could
be entirely removed before an observing session, but this makes me
wonder how you attach it to the ground.

You could set eye bolts in your base and then using small carabiners clip the domes 12 anchor cords to the eyebolts.

Or perhaps it might be possible
to have a larger door that extends right to the top and a little beyond.

This would difficult since the strength of the dome comes from its even tension. The tension broken by this large opening would be a strength and stability problem.

It might then be possible to make the dome rotate on casters for
360 degree views.  Or perhaps the open arched combined with
a rotating base would work.

This should work.

Please let me know your thoughts on the practicality of these ideas
and whether you have any customers with experience of using your
dome for a telescope housing.

What would the shipping cost to the South of France be?

About $120.

Best wishes
Rob Lucas