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On Mar 22, 2004

On Mar 22, 2004

Dear Sirs,
After seeing your web site on the www, I was intrigued about the lightweight
roofing materials you can supply.

I’m working on a housing project for Africa.
Each dwelling shall be 6.5m x 6.0m exterior wall sizes, and 2.4m high.
The wall shall be made out of recycled materials, but shall be extremely

Please provide more info on your walls.

The walls are 250mm thick.
1. Can you supply a translucent, lightweight roof to fit on top of the

Possibly. Would you be able to make your walls into a 6 or 12 sided? Would not you want part of the roof to be opaque to block the heat of the sun?

2. If yes to Q1, what will be the approx weight, in kgs and fixing

About 15 to 20 kgs They can simply be tied from pole ends to anchors fixed in your walls. How smooth are your walls (would they abrade the roof)?

3. Approx cost per roof, we can supply sufficient materials to build
approx 3 houses per day.

The prototype could be expensive depending on the wall shape and size. In 100’s about $110 manufactured in USA.If manufacturing locally then cost should be about $60

4. Answer to Q3 should be for 1, 10 and then 100 complete roofs, so we
can budget and cost effectively in our financial model.
5. Will this type of roof be in a number of pieces, the fewer the
better, as local unskilled labour shall be assembling.

Would be easy to put together by unskilled labor in about 45 min.

The professional team shall be present to erect the first few, thus
enabling the locals to carry out the rest.
6. Approx all up costs inclusive of shipping to South Africa and

Difficult to determine at this stage of our interaction.

We have backing from a number of European Union Ministers, who have shown a
great interest in the project,
but we need to tie down this last loose end.
If you have a picture or sketch of something similar, then this would help.
Many thanks,

Glen Tully M.Sc- From Essex in the United Kingdom.

This roof is on it side: My suggestion would be to make one big enough for your walls.


Robert Gillis

My wife is terribly paranoid about raccoons or other wildlife being able to get in the shelter.  Is there any way that you know of to scure a floor to the bottom edge of the cover so I can aleviate her fears?

The floor can be attached to the walls of the Yurt with sticky back Velcro. The doors can also be sealed this way. As you know Raccoons are smart, strong and curious. The best way to keep them out is not to have food where they can smell it.

Any insight you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Darren Clark