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On Mar 19, 2004

On Mar 19, 2004

We are looking for an efficient and portable way to create a sweat lodge structure.  I have been reading about the structures that you create and have two questions:
1. would the steam and heat of a sweat lodge adversely affect your materials?
2. would the structure of your dome withstand a layer of blankets etc. to create a darkened space in which to perform the sweat lodge?

Thank-you in advance for your time and response.
Pam Garrett
Madison, Wisconsin

I do not know the answers to your questions personally but I have sold domes to be used for sweat lodges and therefore assume they work for this use. The heat should not harm the covering or clips. My concern would be the heat softening the poles and causing them to bend. This occurs at about 190 degrees F. If the blankets were applied on the covering under the poles then this should insulate the poles from the heat at least to some degree. If you go ahead with your project be sure to let me know so I can advise others.

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