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On Mar 17, 2010, at 9:24 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

On Mar 17, 2010, at 9:24 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

Hi Erik

Our domes are very strong, drum tight and well supported that shed the wind well. We believe that they are the strongest structure for the materials used. We strive to make a sturdy portable shelter at an affordable price that will out preform all tents but those made of much heavier or very expensive materials.

We do not rate our domes for wind of a certain mph but they have withstood storms that I was told gusted at 60 mph ( ). This wind storm that lasted about 2 hours. Persistent wind at a much lower level will eventually cause components to wear and fail.

If a well anchored dome fails from extreme wind what usually happens is that a small number of poles fail and the cover collapses. After the storm passes the broken pvc poles can be easily repaired or replaced and the dome put up again.

Our PlayaDomes is no different that our standard “extra strong” domes.


Bob Gillis

Hey bob,
my name is Erik Oberg and I work for an environmental NGO called Island Conservation. I am wanting to inquire about your shelter-system structures. I want to know primarily what the wind rating is. It gives some very vague indication on your web site, but I need to know specifically what it can with stand, or what it has been known to with stand before collapse. As the name implies we work on islands, and the conditions can be everything from beautiful to down right nasty. The waterproof and light weight factors seem ideal for what we are doing and we would possibly be interested in purchasing several.. Could you please get back to me ASAP as I am trying to get this information and get it to my supervisor for a soon up coming project where we could use one of your structures. my second question is are there any differences between the Playadromes and the domes or the relief shelters?
We would be looking at the 14′ or 18′ size for any/ all of these. could you please get back to me soon. Thanks.
I’ve tried your number on the website as well as your cell phone, but i’m working from abroad right now and only have skype internet phone…
hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks very much.
Erik Oberg