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On Apr 13, 2010, at 10:21 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

On Apr 13, 2010, at 10:21 AM, Bob Gillis wrote:

The answer is shade cloth. We offer sunshades . Open the domes 4 doors and use a sunshade and you will be impressed how comfortable the domes can be. The external poles of the dome keep the shade cloth away from the covering so that the suns heat that they block is carried away by the air between the two and is not conducted to the inside of your dome. It is true however that you cannot expect the inside air temperature of the dome to be less then the outside air temperature, but sitting in the shade with 4 doors makes a huge difference. Most tents the temperature can build and build as there is not effective shade and the heat cannot except.

The shade should also help to make your computer more visible.


Bob Gillis


Hi Bob….

My business provides custom home design and architectural plans for homes in southern baja california sur, mexico.

I live in La Ventana, B.C.S., Mexico about half the year. It is a wind sport meca for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

I have a couple pieces of land that I’ve set-up camping and office space on for 7 years. My business continues to grow and I am exploring options for upgraded accomadations and office space.

I saw your product highlighted in the Good Times. I live in Santa Cruz when I am not in Mexico.

I read virtually all of your website inlcuding the FAQ pages, but I still had a couple questions…..

Mainly…….Is it going to be possible to keep a dome cool enough to work in during the hot part of a day? It’s a desert with no tree shade possible.. It is very warm, sometimes 90+ in the morning until the wind comes up and then things cool off. Has anyone used these domes in southern baja? I’ve had some tents in the past set-up on my property and they get melting hot in the sun.

And, is a dome too bright inside to work on a computer? Glare and just too bright can be a problem looking at monitors.


Best Regards,