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On Mar 10, 2009

On Mar 10, 2009
Bob, looking through your literature it appears that the 20′ dome is not as rigid as ether the 18’ter or the 30’ter. I do not fully understand why the 30′ diameter would be sturdier than the smaller one. I was very interested in the 20′ dome as it is the size that would work for our wilderness outings. The areas where it will be erected is all rock. We would have to rely on rocks on the end of the guy ropes. Please help me to figure this one out. Thank you. Regards, Lothar

The 20′ dome uses the same diameter poles as the 18′ but longer so not as stiff. Also the 20′ presents more area to the wind than the 18′ since it is bigger. Thus it is weaker. The 30′ uses a larger diameter pole, is only a 1′ taller than the 20′ and is more streamlined. The 20′ is still a strong dome that has been used on wilderness outings just not our strongest. Always take small backpacking tents also in case you get hit with a big storm for backup. Read our online manual carefully : paying close attention to the sections dealing with wind.

If all you have are rocks use a heavy cord (at least 3/8″) to run from the dome’s 12 anchor clips to 12 large rocks. Then pile up rocks on top of these rocks. Best to over do this than under do it.


Bob Gillis