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On Mar 1, 2009

On Mar 1, 2009

Dear Bob,

I’m writing from Salem Massachusetts. Each summer a group of families reserves space at Salem’s Winter Island for about 3 weeks. Our children are at an extended year school….so we go out to Winter Island every day after school and stay through (picnic) supper then head home to sleep. The Island is actually a peninsula and we put up our tents facing west in a clearing with woods between us and the beach. Nonetheless, especially last summer, storms have wrecked the tents, bent poles and created quite a nuisance. The pointed roof of this type of tent collects volumes of water that then sag under the great weight. The original families chose white 10’ square crafter’s style tent…I think some are made by Caravan and some are Easy Up. There are no vents in the roof. It looks beautiful, especially when we open the sides for the day and pull out our lounge chairs and tables and so forth.

We’re looking for a new option. And I’m wondering about the viability of your yurt domes, especially in windy situations.
The one in the subject line seems to be about the right size. Do you have any pictures?
Can some side flaps or parts of the fabric be raised during the day to create our open living room?
What are your thoughts?

I don’t have an overall picture, but perhaps these two will give you some idea of how we are using them.

Thank you.


Hi Patti

It is hard for me to know if our domes are just what you need. The size you mention our 8′ dome is our smallest dome and I would be concerned that it would be too small for a family. Our domes do well in most winds but not so if the wind is extreme. You can roll up one side: but this is not just like the ones you have. Here are some customer photos: If you decide to get one or more of our domes do consider sunshades: You might also want to look at our manual:

Bob Gillis