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I’m a graduate student and I’m planning my year-long PhD research project to
study lemurs in southwestern Madagascar. I need a shelter that will last a
year, keep out creepy crawlies (scorpions and centipedes)

This thing with scorpions and centipedes is tricky. I understand they get into houses also so it is hard to keep them out. I have heard that if you build a deck it helps. I would think if you laid a strip of insect repellent along the base of the dome and refreshed it often would help.

and house my 2
year old and myself, and maybe an occasional visitor. Can you recommend one
of your models?

I would recommend the 18’er as a good size for extended living.

They look amazing! I’m so glad I came across your site. I
looked at some of your testimonials and was glad to see that people have
used them in Baja – similar scorpion situation there. Can you put me in
touch with any of your other customers that may have taken there shelter to
Africa? Southwestern Madagascar is primarily a dry forest, but I will be
contending with a rainy season.

Our shelters do not leak.

Thank you in advance for your help!