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what kind of snow and wind loads can they handle? 

On Jul 29, 2009

I work with a marketing company in the Rockies, and we were looking at your 30′-31′ dome/yurts for on snow demos.
The biggest question we have is, what kind of snow and wind loads can they handle? 
Do you also provide instruction for take down and packing?
If we were looking to get a couple is there any discount?
After ordered how long does it take to get it?
Do you have the ability to put branding on the fabric?

Thank you,

Subject: Re: 30-31 dome/yurts

Hi Roger

The 30 and 31 will hold a small amount of snow but snow can be very heavy and must be knocked or melted off as it accumulates. A wood stove or heater can be used to melt the snow off. The 30 is stronger in wind since it sticks up less. They both do well in moderate wind but we do not recommend them for extreme wind. See our wind and snow warnings: See the online manual for packing and anchoring instructions: We have a 10% discount if you get 10. We try hard to keep our pricing down for everybody. You should have your domes in about a week to 10 days. Contact: Orders & Customer Service 866-777-1066 [email protected] for accurate timing. Branding is best done by printing on vinyl banners and then tying to the clips on the dome; Kinkos can print out banners for you.


Bob Gillis