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On Aug 4, 2009

On Aug 4, 2009

Hi, Bob.

We have a 14′ Shelter Systems dome that we take out to Burning Man. We
currently use it with a black Sunshade over it, but that doesn’t
provide enough shade for us.
We have another black sunshade that we’re going to layer over the top
of it…I’d imagine that two would be better than one!

Question, though…. would the black sunshade closest to the dome,
plus an Aluminet sunshade, provide better shade/light reflection
coverage than two black ones? We’re trying to get it as cool as
possible inside the dome.



Subject: Re: Black sunshade + Aluminet (question!)

You do not want to layer two sunshades on top of each other. The reason for this is that air flow is greatly restricted which blocks the cooling effect of the air moving through the shade. This can cause your poles to deform and your dome to over heat. Best you is to cover your dome with one layer of sunshade and to open all doors and vents. Do Not Cover Your Dome With Tarps or Multiple Layers of Sunshades.


Bob Gillis