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On Jul 25, 2007

On Jul 25, 2007

Ok, i set up the dome (happened to have 4 people, so it went up pretty quickly). did take quite a Bentbit of effort to bend the poles, not sure i have the technique to do that alone!). and believe we set it up correctly. once it was up i moved the feet around, seemed as even as i could get it. Inside was nice, and i got several compliments. It goes down quickly (which is great too).

A few pole needed bending more than others (see photos, especially one of the top, “imgs1879_img2.JPG”). you can see one top pole bending quite a bit, that pole went in early, and just like that. I’ve seen this model a lot, there was another one same size at the event, so i know the dome doesn’t feature perfect ‘straight’ arch lines.
However my dome seems to be the worst i’ve ever seen, it looks really wobbly, more than any other.

Given than one pole took significant bending. i’m wondering if there too much variation in where the grip-clips are placed in my dome, or i have not in fact set that up correctly.

Please take a look at the photos and let me know!

Also, we had extra one short pole but no extra long poles. i thought it came with 3 extra long?

Finally, i didn’t set up the shade tarp, but i’m a little confused how that attaches. I think a diagram/photo might help, showing one of the SunShade corner’s GripClip attached to the dome. (I think you attach/anchor one corner/point, while you walk around/hoist/pull it over the dome with the other corner).

Please advise, and feel free to write or call to clarify, any questions. Thanks.


Hi Tzara

You are right. For some reason your poles are each 1/4″ too long. Your poles should all form smooth arches over your dome. You can return them (we can issue you a no charge send back from DHL) and we can shorten them for you and send them back. Or you can with a hacksaw; mark carefully and cut off 1/4″ off of each of your long poles. I am sorry for this inconvenience. It happens once in a blue moon. Once of the right length the poles will self adjust to make smooth arches.

Most people only have one door pole added which should leave you with 3 extra. If for some reason you were shorted let us know and we will make up the difference.

You are right about the shade cloth: you tie one corner and then walk the opposite corner around the dome and tie it. It comes with special “snap” clips. Then tie the other two.


Bob Gillis