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The 18 and 30 are stronger than the 14 and 20 because they have stronger poles for the span between the clips. This makes them stiffer against the wind. These stronger poles cannot be used in the 14 and 20 as they are over stressing the covering. The floors we make are just high quiity tarps. With self draining site selection they work well. See:


Bob Gillis

answers in the text below


Bob Gillis

On Jan 14, 2011,


WE ARE putting together a BIG eco-festival for downtown Guatemala City and later to go on tour. It is a mutimedia exhibit of photography, videos, and related artifacts and events. I want to erect a surprisingly attractive installation in Central Park in front of the National Palace. I am VERY interested in using one or more of your domes.

Can your 30 and 31 foot domes be joined by crystal caves?

You can place a cc between them but it is not water or air tight at the junction.

I request that you send me perhaps 12 photographs showing your 30 and 31 foot domes in action. The same photos that are on your web site and what ever others you have so that I can present them to the funding agencies.

For shopping purpose only you can print some photos from the site.

I understand that the dome materials have a warrantee for 18 months. But, in realistic terms, how long might one of the domes last if it is up all the time, exposed to sunlight, before it starts to rip apart?

This depends on location, elevation etc. but most of the time 3+ years

I want to understad if there is a way that we can have the dome DARK inside during the daytime.

You can hang a black out liner inside the dome’s covering.

I see that you have different fabrics and materials that you use. I would love it if we could have a METALLIC looking dome, perhaps gold. Is there any way to do this?

We only make the shelters of white. We do offer a silver sunshade however:

The 31 foot dome is your biggest?


I had the idea at one time that I would also like to try and build one of Bucky’s Bamboo domes. Does anyone there have any experience with the Bamboo dome that Buckminster Fuller designed? It can be seen on the site www. At one time I had the thought that we might even build a bamboo dome and use your tent material suspended inside it.

This has been tired but is difficult and has many problems.

We are going to be presenting this project to the City of Guatemala in the coming weeks so if you could send me some medium resolution photos of your 30 and 31 foot domes I would appreciate it.

What is the URL and photo and I will see if I can find a larger image

sincerely, Tho

On Jan 17, 2011

I am interested in your yurt.I can not decided which is best for me the 18′ or 20′.You say some where in your site that the 18′ and 31′ are you strongest but you don’t say why.And are your floors water proof,the tarps I have used are not. Thank You John