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This can be done; in fact you can add the “”riser wall” your self if you want (call me 650 323 6202) but it will weaken the dome somewhat.


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On May 19, 2012, at 9:51 PM, Jason Wrinkle wrote:

I have one of your 14′ domes and have been impressed with it so far except for how I have to stoop to get through the door. I was wondering if this is a common complaint and what kinds of resolutions had been considered. It occurred to me that entering the tent would be considerably easier if the tent covering were raised by about a foot and a half all around so that I would merely have to flex my knee extra to slide my shin over the bottom strap of the tent. This would have the added benefit of increasing headroom considerably around the edges of the tent. Have you considered selling a little skirt kit to run along the circumference of the base to do something like this?

Thank you,