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Gîte Auberge

Hello Bob,

Several years ago, we bought and installed four 14 ft yurt domes in our small campground, located in the French Pyrenees at 5000 feet above sea level. The tents are set up permanently each year from mid June to mid September. On the whole, they have served us well; they are very waterproof and wind resistant and we really like the atmosphere of the interior space created by the domes. After the first year, we permanently closed two of the four doors on each tent with tape and added self stick velcro along the sides of the other two; our climate is rather cool and rain storms with high winds can be very violent. This modification helps reduce the risk of water penetration around doors. (You can see images of our campground in the campground part of our website).

At our elevation, nights can be quite cold (minimums can go down close to freezing even in summer), and at times, we have problems with moisture build up on the interior walls (especially if there are 3 or 4 people sleeping inside). As the tents are rented out fully equipped (cots, matresses, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, etc.), people tend to complain if they are cold or there is too much humidity inside the tents they are paying to rent.

I see that you have supplied sections of pipe to use as ventilation chimneys, I imagine the idea is to slip one between the plastic panels near the top of each dome. I haven’t tried this solution as yet cause the tents already to be cold inside, but maybe I should?

As the fabric is weathering and starting to wear through in some places, we are now considering re-ordering 4 replacement tents for next summer.

Before, I have several questions:

I see that you now make an extra strong version with skylight windows. What modifications are incorporated in the extra strong design?

They are the same less the window material.
Are all dimensions the same as for the regular version?

Would it be possible to special order 4 of these tents with only two doors each instead of the usual four doors?

As we are located in France and shipping is quite expensive, would it be possible to re-order just the shells (with maybe just a few replacement poles for each, as most of the poles are still fine and can be reused)? If this is possible, what would be the final price per tent, without the pole package?

Yes; they would be less 10%
I see that you make a full liner. How effective is in insulating against cold and reducing interior condensation?

They help to save fuel and are nice but expensive. A small heater can be of good use to knock out the chill
I don’t exactly understand how it is attached to the inside of each tent, or what happens around the doors?

They are tied in; same with the doors.
Is much useable volume lost with the liner installed?

2-3″ in all directions.
If you are able to produce four tents with just two doors each, would it also be possible to order an adapted version of the liner for these four tents?

Yes; order the liners with only 2 doors.
Finally, not long ago, I saw a design proposal for a modified version of your tents with a double shell, insulated between layers, on the Earthship website. Is there any way a second skin could be added to the exterior, on top of the support structure, instead of on the inside? I imagine this might pose a problem of breathability?

Not recommended / multiple problems.

My phone 650 323 6202
If you have the time and can answer my questions in writing, send me an email. If you prefer that I call you, send me a phone number and tell me when is the best time.


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Gîte Auberge