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On Jan 31, 2006 Extra height

On Jan 31, 2006 Extra height

I am using my14′ yurt dome tent for meditation (a zendo). I have done
all day sits (starting at 7am and going till 7pm) in
it. It is GREAT! I only wish I had gotten the 18 or 20
foot one so it’s door was higher. I
will also use it for three and seven day retreats as

I have the 14 foot dome. I would like to raise it
about 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet off the ground. Is there a good way to
do this?

I have come up with a few ideas but figured ya’all
would know best. thanks

Rev KC DaiKai

The strongest way to add a 2 feet to the bottom of the dome is to first:
Tie pairs of pole connectors to 20 new HD clips.
Unclip the 20 plug clips with the single pole plugs at the base of your dome.
Add and shingle a skirt of material to the bottom that is wide enough for the height you need + 1.5′ using the 20 clips with connectors you have just assembled.
Clip the plug clips along the base of the added material allowing 11″ for a skirt 2′ directly below the connector clips.
Cut and insert 20 new full length poles to create the ring around what was the base but soon will be 2′ above the ground.
Cut and insert 20 new short poles to your added extension. Choose a length so that the tension on the covering is the same as the tension on the main part of the dome. These short poles are difficult to install because you can not bend them. It will be easier to install them if you first remove the vertical pole above it; insert the short pole then reinsert the long pole; or use a pulley system to tension the base clip cords with extra long cords after adding the poles to clips .
Stake out.

This will maintain the integrity of the structure and only weaken it slightly. The skirt stabilizes the added poles. With out the skirt the dome will be blown over in the wind.


Robert Gillis