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On Jan 24, 2006

On Jan 24, 2006

Robert hello, Ann Morrison here again (from Brisbane, Australia)

I trust you are well. I have question about installing the yurt onto a flat wooden floor and securing the pole ends.

The 20 foot dome will be installed inside an exhibition space onto a flat floor. I can drill into the floor.

I would love to simply sit it on the floor (there will be no wind etc) but I guess it needs some kind of guying so it is stretched out properly?

Recommendations gratefully received as always. I will let you know the url for the documentation of the exhibition and happy you link there/ use pics as always

best regards

Ann Morrison


The dome does not need to be staked or guyed except to hold it in place. If you set it up in the open arch form you need to hold the opening into is place by securing the domes’ clip cord to the deck or run a cord between the arch to hold its shape. Note also that at the base of the door there is a tension strip that holds the sides of the door in place. If possible do not cut these. If you need to cut the door strip you will have to secure the base at the door sides to hold the door opening in it proper place. You could rather leave the strip and cover the door tension strip with carpet to prevent people from tripping on the tension strip when passing through the door.

Thanks in advance for the URL, the link and phtos you have offered.


Bob Gillis