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Gus Heully

Hi Gus

Answers below.


Bob Gillis

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On May 27, 2011, at 5:38 PM, Gustave Heully wrote:

Hello Eleanor:

I am a student at UCLA working with Jamie Aron on the project that is using your 20′ bubble dome.

I have a few questions about how we might be able to modify the dome that we got from you so that it better fits our needs.

1) Currently the entry to the dome has a piece of PVC and a strip of fabric which goes along the bottom of the opening. Is there some way we could eliminate this piece so there is nothing to step (or our worry, trip) over?

You can unclip the door strip but the dome will spring out somewhat unless you replace the tension; say by taping the dome to the floor or staking out doors.

2) The entry to our current dome has a very low entry due to a PVC piece which runs horizontally around the entire dome. Would it be possible to remove this piece at the entry with some kind of modification to get a taller entry?

You can remove the horizontal pole above the door and un-clip the panel above it but this will weaken the dome somewhat partially in the wind.

I have included a picture of our dome set up and circled the places I am listing above.

We are going to be talking with the Los Angeles department of building and safety concerning the structure of the dome. Do you have documents / drawings which you typically use when your domes (in our case the 20ft bubble) are submitted to building and safety departments or other city checks?

We can provide you with FR docs.

Let me know your thoughts, it is much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Gus Heully