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I’m very interested in your 14 ft. greenhouse. Can you tell me more about the
skin it’s made of and how much light transmission it admits?

Over 90%. It lets through more than glass.

I’m concerned
about heating it on cold nights, too, since it’s so high. What about
ventilation on hot days?

Since the panels of our domes are shingled, overhead ventilation is easily attained by inserting a lightweight object (eg, an empty plastic flower pot) between several panels (two “vent tubes” are included with each dome). When the can is removed, the panels snap shut and are watertight. For maximum ventilation the walls themselves can be rolled up, transforming the dome into an Opened-Arch Form.

Can one or more of the panels be rolled up when it’s
hot? Thanks for any information. Can I get a catalog? Please rush. I need
to buy soon.

We do not offer a hard copy catalog at this time. Please look at our online catalog: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.