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An informative and well costructed website.Appreciate the carefully presented information and pictures. Your questions and answer component is very helpful.As an emergency response planner and facilitator,I will share the details of your products with my colleagues.



Dear Shelter Systems, I am interested in purchasing, or having made, a tent. I plan to use it for a project I am working on, as a “Reading Tent.” I am hoping to start a “Reading Road Show,” I’d like a tent large enough to hold 25 or 30 kids.

Great idea. I would recommend the 20’er.

I wonder if it could be made with pockets inside, and then if it would be strong enough for those pockets to hold books.

This would be easy for you to do.

I would like it to have an awning over the entrance if possible.

Look at our porches.

I’d like it to be red and black in color and festive in design.

We have white and white/black, no red. You could paint some of it or cover some of it with red cloth. You could also attach flags to make it festive.

I also envision it to have a window, large enough to serve as a puppet theater on the inside, also with an awning or some type of shelter around it on the outside for the puppeteers.

Perhaps a 14′ SolarDome with it set up in the open arched form.