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I would like to know if any of your tensegrity-tents are any in production or are for sale?

send your reply to;

Most of our tents are a hybrid of tensegrity and geodesics. They are a type of tensegrity. The poles will not send with out the covering.

“Burning Man” & “Anchoring”

i read all your replies to wind questions & am seriously considering the
option of purchasing a dome for Burningman-— although i want to know
what is the worse case scenario in extreme winds…

It is best to take the dome down in heavy wind or at least the bottom 12 poles and then re-secqure the dome.

if i used concrete stakes for the guy lines and dome anchors,
i’m pretty sure it wouldn’t blow away— But what are the chances of the
dome ripping in heavy gusts??? Is it more likely that the PVC will bend
& buckle first (i’ve seen that happen on home-made domes)????

A few poles will brake and the covering could get torn in extreme winds.

Also, after Burningman, is simply hosing off the dome the best
way to clean it???

I would put it up on a clean site and hose it off. Be sure to let it dry before you put it away or any little speck of dirt will mildew and your dome will smell the next time you put it up.

“Burning Man” & “Anchoring”

BUT — the reason I’m writing is that I saw at least two other of your
domes that looked to be the same size that were STILL INTACT at the end
of the event (and there’s a rave on the BMAN web site about a 20′ dome
which survived) … which makes me think that we’re doing something
wrong with staking or guying. (The failure seemed to occur primarily at
the point where the small bungies attached the female PVC pieces to the

I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

One thing we noticed at Burning Man was the wearing out of base clip cords where people were staking their dome with re-bar. This happens because of the wind pushing and pulling on the dome, causing the cord to rub up and down on the ruff re-bar (like a saw blade) there by cutting through the cords. The way around this is to tie the base clip cords to the re-bar with sections of 3/8″ or thicker cord. (The clip cords are only 1/8″ and are designed for the plastic (not ruff) stakes we provide)


white fabric: uvB=0% transmission
uvA=0% transmission
visible light tansmission 25%

greenhouse fabric: uvB=59% transmission
uvA=68% transmission
visible light transmission=84%



Our tents have done well in 30 mph winds. However winds can be considered moderate or strong but then gust in the extreme. Anchoring is important.

“Miscellaneous” “Kayak”

4 hr Kayak

To make a stronger boat you can cover the frame with heavy coated nylon or vinyl. You can also make the frame of thicker wood. Silicone rubber can be used to seal the gathering at the stern and bow by applying a generous amount between the layers before securing (this is not necessary unless you plan for the seam to be under water). This boat is intended for flat water use and not for use in white water. One reason for this is if the boat was crushed against a rock, the frame could collapse or brake pinning you in the boat and preventing you from swimming to safety and possibly drowning you.Wear a life jacket at all time.