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“Burning Man”

“Burning Man”

I am trying to find out if your 30′ Yurt Dome shelter could be adapted for use at the Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, NV.
Conditions at the festival are extremely hot and sunny, with no available shade, but also fairly windy. Even with the sun shade, would we be able to keep the dome shady in 120 degree blistering sunshine?

With enough sun shades; I would get at least 3.

I know that your website says an all-black dome would be too gloomy, but what about a completely checker boarded black and white dome?

That would be interesting.

Do you think that would provide some shade, but still have enough light to use the dome for other purposes?

Yes. I would still get a couple of sun shades.

We were planning on keeping two large doors open for cross-ventilation, and it is okay if the dome is the same temperature as outside, but shade is very important. Do you know if anyone has used this dome at Burning Man before?

We had sold three 30’ers for Burning Man last year.


hello i am wanting to have a greenhouse nothing too fancy but kinda like what
you have to offer….i have one question though…what keeps the plants warm
at night ? do you have to put a heater in there ? i understand during the
day the sun hits the plastic and generates heat then but what about night ??
it still gets down to 40 here in southern indiana where i live….i
appreciate your ideas.
thank you,

Its called the greenhouse effect: the sun shins through the covering and heat up the ground and what ever else is inside it. Then at night the heat is slowly reradiated from the ground into the air of the greenhouse. This is what makes it work at night. You can increase the heat retention by adding jugs of water to your greenhouse.