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Hi Emma

I do not remember hearing back from anyone in Kenya but we do have experience with our domes in hot dry desert conditions. We have found that with doors open and with a sun shade, as the ones we offer as an accessory, pulled tight over the dome’s poles can make the dome quite comfortable. The reason is that the poles hold the shade apart from the covering and this both blocks the sun and allows air to flow under and through the shade to remove the heat that the shade blocks.


Bob Gillis

On Apr 5, 2011

Hi Bob,
I am planning on moving to Kenya and would like to know if you have any feedback from people who have bought the Geodesic Yurt Dome 14 or similar and who live either in Kenya or a similar climate as I think this is a great product and I would consider purchasing one if it suited my needs.

Thank you

Dear Emma,

Thank you for your interest in our shelters.

We ship world wide and I would recommend that you speak or email with Bob to see if he has any feedback from customers in climates like Kenya. I have cc’d him on this email and his phone number if you would like to call him is (650)323-6202.

We do not offer a brochure, our catalog is entirely online.

Let us know how we can help further and if you are planning to have the YurtDome shipped to the UK, I can provide you with a shipping quote.

Best, Eleanor

On Mar 28, 2011

> Hi,
> Do you do a brochure that you can send me? Also do you have information about customers that you have supplied in foreign countries? The reason that i ask is i am planning on going to live in Kenya in a few years and love the idea of your Geodesic Yurt Dome 14 but i was wondering if you have any feedback from someone who has had one in hot temperatures or if you have any advice about how they would manage in the heat of Kenya.

> Thank you in advance for any information that you provide.
> Emma