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dust and wind

On Apr 9, 2009

Hi Bob,
Is this good for burning man? Is it playa dust proof 75mph winds and dust storms

Subject: dust and wind

Hi Tom

Is anything playa dust proof? What we offer are very strong dome tents that have been used a Burning Man for the past 15 years. There are most likely 100’s at use each year now and they have held up well with winds at Burning Man so far. But they are still not 100% playa dust proof. Our domes, as we provide them, do quite well on the playa and with some additional prep work with tape and velcro (see online manual: ) can be significantly improved). All this does not mean that our domes are dust proof or that they can hold up to any wind. Our strongest domes are the 10′, 18′ and 30′. Be sure to read our wind warnings:


Bob Gillis