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On Apr 10, 2009

On Apr 10, 2009

I’m really excited to find your site, I have been looking for several years for a huge tent with a reasonable price tag. I travel to Utah a couple of times a year to climb. Just hang out in the desert and enjoy the beauty of the place with friends. The group tent functions for cooking and when the weather is too cold or windy to hang out under the stars.

The weather has destroyed 1 large tent so far in the past 5 years, it was a 14 foot X 14 foot cabin tent-just couldn’t handle the wind, had it staked out with tons of guy lines. She truly lasted longer then expected. Finally buckled the 1″ aluminum poles, destroyed the fabric, and what was left of the zippers. I replaced it with a Eureka Equinox 6 tent last year, with it staked around the perimeter and also guyed from the upper corners (about top of door height) to the ground about 5 feet from each corner. It handles the wind effectively and keeps the sand out for the most part. The door zipper went bad after a couple of weeks out (I’m not blaming the manufacture), and it is way too small for my needs. I’m looking at getting one of your 18’s if you think it would be as strong as the Eureka in the wind and rain. I’m not trying to nail you down here, just need some sort of reasonable baseline comparison. I plan on guying every possible way.

I have no experience with the Eureka tent you talk about but my guess is that the 18’er would work for you. Do read our wind warning:

I like the idea of no zippers, I have destroyed zippers in a couple of weeks on a group tent. The fine sand chews them up.

You may want some sticky back velcro for your doors if you are in a windy area.

Couple of questions:

On a rainy, windy day will the rain blow under the shingles? I realize this is a tough question but lets just say a 15-20 mph wind. I would like to avoid taping if possible, maybe lots of Velcro dots?

You could take some velcro and the white tape mentioned in the online manual: with you just in case.

I just got back from a month trip to the high desert, spring time is typically windy, periods of rain and snow ,(not more then a few inches for the most part).

Are there storm flaps at the base?


Just something to pile sand on to keep the wind from going underneath.

Lastly, could I get a sample of the fabric you use? Please email or call: 866-777-1066 [email protected]