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On Dec 13, 2010,


You can support about 5 lbs from any of the clips inside the dome where the poles cross on the outside. You can also use the domes interior clips to secure and stabilize the top of a vertical 2″ by 4″ that would extend from the ground to the clip which would then hold 25 lbs. To set this up drill a 1/4″ hole in the top of the 2×4 and then tie the 2×4 to the domes clip holes . The idea here is the ground and the 2×4 supports the weight and the dome merely stabilizes the 2×4.


Bob Gillis

On Dec 13, 2010,

hey bob 🙂
im lookin at getting one of the 18′ playa domes and was wondering if it would support the weight of a solar shower. i think it holds about 5 gallons.. but of course could be filled with less. it would be used with a kiddie pool which would then be taken outside to let the water evaporate.. good idea or no?