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Are colors other than white available?

On Jan 3, 2009

I discovered your site last summer and my family and I have been considering your products for a possible purchase in the summer.

First question: Are colors other than white available? Or, perhaps, could I paint it?

Second question: How often would we expect to need replacing the fabic if we were to use a yurtdome for a permanent residence?

Third question: how high of sustained winds can a 20′ yurtdome take if the skeleton is properly anchored?

Fourth (and final) question: is there any way a through fitting like those used on more conventional yurts could be installed for use with a stove pipe? What about some sort of fitting for use through the shingling? (I did read the part on how to do it through the door.)


Hi Matt

We only use white. Some customers have painted there domes I do not know how well the results were. You should test your paint first.

The live of the covering depends on the amount of sun that falls on the YurtDome. The covering has be tested in FL and AZ were it lasted 3+ years. We guarantee materials and workmanship for 1.5 years.

We do not recommend our shelters for areas of extreme or constant winds. The vibration will cause the dome to fail.

Since the poles follow the shingling you cannot install a stove pipe through the shingling as it would cause the pole at that location to melt. You can exit a stove pipe through the near midpoint of a panel if great care is taken to prevent the covering from melting. Use insulated pipe and cut your exit hole larger than the diameter of your pipe (size of this hole is critical) so that flowing air around your pipe will keep it from melting your dome’s covering. You must support and hold the pipe centered in this hole.

Bob Gillis