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chem-senstive housing

chem-senstive housing
Date: September 21, 2008

Bob, as per our conversation,I am writing to endorse your product for mold sensitive and chemically sensitive individuals. I have suffered from chronic fatigue, MCS(mutiple chemical sensitivities),asthma,and a host of other ailments since my first exposure to toxic mold-many years ago. A permanent solution to my illness is elusive-as any home I have lived in has eventually failed me. Moving to NM from damp and moldy VA,has not significantly helped me-as the illness is progressive. But I am still alive, and would not be in Moldy VA. Housing has become a difficult issue-both financially and medically. I am now living in the desert in a shelter system tent. It is the only housing that has proved suitable. I first moved here in a small travel trailer that had been off-gassing for 6 months, and washed totally-it since spued spores and toxin from the AC-and leaked from the shower-it is now useless. The Dome tent held up through the very windy spring with some damage that I managed to repair. Next I bought a Morgan metal building-nearly killed me in a week. Next I bought a TEE-Pee-very strong in the wind-but the linseed oiled poles made it impossible to spend much time inside, and by the time they off-gasses-other things had started growing, making the Tee-pee unusable. So I am back to the dome tent-and have bought another one for a separate bedroom-the new 14′ will be under the carport-with a shade cloth on the windy side to break blasts of winter wind. The repaired 18′ will be living room and kitchen. I plan on this working well through the winter. The plastic fabric does not have any perceptible smell to me. The plastic plumbing tubes may have an smell, but they are on the outside so they present no problem. I highly recommend the product for the chemically sensitive, or mold victims who need to evacuate to their own backyards-just remember to be upwind from the house.

Thanks, Karen

Hi Karen

Thanks for the email which may be of value to some of our potential customers who ask about this issue. People ask but all I can say is I have not heard back negatively.


Bob Gillis