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7 years at Burning Man

On Sep 19, 2008


I have an 18ft dome I bought from you in 2002. I have to say, that it’s held up very well over 7 years at Burning Man, and other events. It was a demo dome that had some extras included with it.

However, it is also now in need of some TLC. I’d like to ask how much it would be to repair the following:

* Velcro holding doors and windows are shot and need to be replaced
* some of the screen window panels are ripped.
* there was one place where a grip clip failed, and tried as I could I couldn’t get a replacement grip clip on 4 panels of fabric. I then patched it by poking holes in the fabric, and (gasp) holding it all together with a few zip ties. These 4 panels should probably be replaced.

Despite all this, It’s done very well! I was amazed how well it held up this year, even when it broke away from several pieces of rebar holding it to the ground in a huge dust storm (the rebar had worn away the cords holding it to the ground).

Also I will need to ship this to you from Seattle. Any idea how much shipping will cost me.




Sounds like you got a lot of use out of the dome; I like the zip tie fix.

We can ship all the parts you will need including panel replacements if you let us know which ones are spent. The trick to clipping the replacements at the 4 way junctures is to use the Heavy Duty clips not the General Purpose ones that came on the dome. They are bigger, have more room for the layers and are easier to put on. Let me know if you want to go this way; which panels you need way and I will get you a price. If you have to ship the dome here then you will have to pay for shipping both ways and the labor to put it together.


Bob Gillis