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Cat enclosure?

Cat enclosure?

On Mar 14, 2004, at 9:16 PM, Suz wrote:


I need to start off saying that I am a huge fan of
your company and structures. I’ve had one of your 18
foot domes for several years and it has been oh, so
reliable and durable through extreem weather
conditions: the raging black rock desert, Colorado
Rocky Mountains, downpours in Michigan . . .

So, I thought I would run a question past you since
the structure I am looking for does not exist (as far
as I know) on the scale and affordability that I am
looking for.

I am looking for a small geodesic dome where the
covering material is like a screen, or chickenwire (a
material that you can see through that will allows
bugs, rain ect. . to come through. I am hoping to
attach it against my home (either on one side or a

The smallest dome we make is 10′ diameter and 5′ high. We can make this as a half dome (so it would go out from your home only 5′) and we may be able to make it of fiberglass screen netting. I would be a special order and would be some what expensive because of this

Regardless of your response, I appreciate your
ingenuity. I see something new every time I delve into
your web site. I saw that cool little rocker for the
first time. Are you selling those?

Not at this time. But we could make you a pattern so you could make or have one made for you.

Thank you for the quality of your products!

Suzanne St. Martin