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“Burning Man” & “Climate”

“Burning Man” & “Climate”

Hi Nate

i read all your replies to wind questions & am seriously considering the
option of purchasing a dome for Burning man— although i want to know
what is the worse case scenario in extreme winds…

It is best to take the dome down in heavy wind or at least the bottom 12 poles and then re-secure the dome.

if i used concrete stakes for the guy lines and dome anchors,
I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t blow away— But what are the chances of the
dome ripping in heavy gusts??? Is it more likely that the PVC will bend
& buckle first (I’ve seen that happen on home-made domes)????

A few poles will brake and the covering could get torn in extreme winds.

Also, after Burning man, is simply hosing off the dome the best
way to clean it???

I would put it up on a clean site and hose it off. Be sure to let it dry before you put it away or any little speck of dirt will mildew and your dome will smell the next time you put it up.