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On Aug 3, 2007

On Aug 3, 2007

Hi, I have been interested in your Yurt Domes for some
time now. I’ve noticed that many of your customers
have mentioned using them in high wind areas. But I
was wondering if you had had anyone actually test it’s
wind resistance officially yet. What would you
consider “unusually strong wind”? I would want to use
my dome in Dumont Dunes California as a base
station/sleeping quarters when out riding quads. I
don’t have an RV so I thought a Yurt Dome might be a
cool alternative. I understand it can get pretty windy
out there, speeds up to 40-60mph, which is extreme but
not unheard of.

Would it be difficult to design a tent over a flat bed
trailer? Sort of uber-wind resistant covered wagon

What are your thoughts? Thanks, Mike Mendoza

Hi Mike

Winds that are said to be 30 mph can have gusts exceeding 50 so it is very hard to rate winds or how a structure will do in them. Our domes do well in all but extreme wind conditions. That being said they can be blown down in very strong wind or winds that go on for a long time. I believe the tents we offer are the strongest available for their large size and the materials they are made of, but they are light in weight; you cannot climb upon them. If you are concerned about your winds you might want to choose a more rigid structure or at least choose one of our stronger domes 10, 18, or 30′. Be sure you anchor them well to the ground and if you know of a big wind coming take them down till the storm passes.

See also:

We do not have a wind strong tunnel structure but you might consider rigging one up using steel tubing and Grip Clips:


Bob Gillis