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On Apr 26, 2006, at 7:13 PM, Shannon Goolsbee wrote:

On Apr 26, 2006, at 7:13 PM, Shannon Goolsbee wrote:


I’m looking into your domes for a semi-permanent work space in Fiji. I have a  few questions I would much appreciate if you could answer.

1) I’m curious how your ripstop fabric stacks up against other tent coverings, particularly vinyl tarp coverings.

Each has some advantages:
The vinyl most often will last in the full sun longer. Our covering UV stabilized to last in worst conditions about 3 years (we guarantee it for 1.5 years). Vinyl can last up to 10 depending on the quality. Vinyl out gasses (smells) and is usually more prone to mildew sticking to it. Depending on the thickness is more prone to puncture. The vinyl is stretchy and will not provide the tensile stability we need to make our domes. The vinyl is heavier and more bulky. The vinyl is more expensive. For these and other reasons we are very pleased with our covering.

Have you had it tested for tensile strength and puncture resistance? If so, what numbers did you get back and who tested it for you?

TENSILE STRENGTH 150 Lbs. Warp, 135 Lbs. Fill (ASTM D–1682 Grab)
TEAR STRENGTH 35 Lbs Warp, 33 lbs Fill (ASTM D-751, Tongue)

You can not tear it with your hands even if you start the tear with a knife.

2) Do your domes have a history of withstanding hurricanes?

They do not and we advise that customers take them down to weather most hurricanes.

Do you have customers that you know of who have had domes that survived prolonged high winds?

We do not recommend our domes for prolonged strong winds. Although they are quit strong and resilient in most normal winds.

3) Will the “shingled” approach of the panels prevent rain penetration that is driven sideays or even upwards by gusts of wind?

This would depend on the strength of the wind. The shingling can be glued (silicon rubber) shut.

4) How is the system anchored into the ground?

I comes with 14 1′ long DuraPeg stakes see manual:

5) Is the material breathable?

No but the shelter is by the shingling.

6) How does it hold up to mold and mildew?

None of the components will rot or mildew. Dirt that my get on it can and if storied you should make sure it is dry; however even under wet storage the covering will not itself mildew.

7) Is it available in dark green or camoflouge?

No, but you can paint it. Test your paint first.

Thank you for your time.

Shannon Goolsbee