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On Apr 20, 2006

On Apr 20, 2006

are the grip clips “permanently” attached to the shingles?

Yes, but they can be removed by by hand if you were to choose to do so (not recommended except for repair or to modify the dome)

are the connectors “permanently” attached to the grip/clip/tarp,

Yes, but you could remove them if you chose (not recommended).

and when stored?

They stay attached.

i’m just curious how to assemble. do i need to thread the cord through the connector or grip clip (it appears the cord goes right through the connector — is that how things attach during setup?

No, you bend the poles and insert them into the pre-attached connectors.

or — if that piece is attached and stored with the tarp then i see how it don’t need dissembling. otherwise i’m not sure what needs attaching/removal during setup/strike.

You just add or subtract the poles.

(i’m looking at the shingling.html and manual pages).